These print ads are designed to focus on each individual animal. No two pets are alike and neither are their personalities. These print ads would be placed in pet magazines, veterinary digests, and Trupanion brochures. 

These out of home ads would be placed strategically in areas where people walk their dogs, such as parks.

Billboards, such as the one displayed above, would be placed near pet supply stores and veterinary offices.

On the Trupanion websites, there will be an option to upload your pet's image into this specially designed filter. Consumers would then be able to share their photos using the hashtag #MyTrupanion. Trupanion would also feature a "pet of the week" on their website from the photos that are shared via the hashtag.

Additional parts of the campaign that will be added soon:
◘ Pop up events - at pet themed events or pet supply stores. Consumers would be able to take a photo of their dog in a photoshoot style with props.
◘ Identity Cards - Once a pet is insured, consumers receive a card with their pet's photo and medical information. There would also be a section for their likes and dislikes. This could be both useful at veterinary offices and a cute object within the wallet.
◘ Partnership with Companies - Barkbox & Friendship Collars - If consumers get a quote for Trupanion, they receive a discount on purchasing a product from the partnered companies.
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